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The Red Wool Dungeon

This is the Red Wool Dungeon of Canopy Carnage, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Red Wool Dungeon is a giant fortress in the northwest corner of the ocean. It is suspended high in the air by obsidian pillars, and has a layer of bedrock both above and below it, leaving a head-on assault the only strategy for defeating it. Next to it, a small air ship is docked, with some supplies to help in the coming battle.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • Red Wool


  • The airship has a chest with 32 torches, an iron pickaxe, a bucket of water, 20 redstone dust, a stack of stone, 4 buttons, 4 levers, 10 TNT, 4 pressure plates, and 10 stone slabs
  • The airship has a chest with a compass, a watch and a stack of glass
  • The airship has a chest with 40 cookies, over six stacks of arrows, sixteen iron ingots, diamond leggings, a diamond axe, sixteen obsidian, 32 soul sand, 2 diamonds, 32 torches, a diamond sword, 2 Golden Apples, 16 TNT, 8 gold ingots and a bed
  • The airship has a chest with 27 leather pants
  • The airship has a chest with 26 stacks of arrows and a bow
  • The fortress has a chest with 6 diamonds, 2 Golden Apples, a watch, 80 iron ingots, a diamond chest plate, 16 obsidian, a stack of moss stone, a stack of arrows, a stack of glass, 8 gold ingots, 32 wood planks and a compass
  • The fortress has a chest with 4 stacks of arrows, 2 Golden Apples, a bow, 2 stacks of iron ingots, a diamond helmet, 2 apples, 16 obsidian, 32 brick blocks, 5 diamonds and 8 gold ingots
  • The fortress has a chest with 6 diamonds, 2 Golden Apples, an iron sword, 1 and a half stacks of iron ingots, diamond boots, 16 obsidian, 3 stacks of arrows, 32 wood planks, 2 apples, a stack of redstone dust, 16 glowstone and 8 gold ingots


  • Dozens of mob activated dispensers loaded with arrows
  • Dozens of Skeleton spawners surrounding the perimeter
  • Ghast spawners in each corner and in the room containing the red wool
  • Bedrock Spider spawner cages
  • General mob spawners throughout the dungeon


  • Diamond tools, weapons and armor and a good supply of food and torches is recommended, as the player will be facing endless hoards of mobs and will take lots of damage quickly
  • A TNT cannon can be made with the supplies in the air ship to disable some of the dispensers
  • If playing in old beta versions, this dungeon is the best place to use the gold armor as it makes you completely invincible for a very long time

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