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Red and Black Wool Dungeon

This is the Red and Black Wool Dungeon in Lethamyr, a CTM map by Vechs.


The entrance to the Red and Black Wool dungeon is a stone brick fortress on the side of the mountains. The first part of the dungeon is a spiral stairwell. At the bottom is a door which leads to another stairwell, this one having lava at the bottom. At the bottom of this is a hole that leads to a set of hallways leading to rooms with loot. The red wool is located in one of these rooms, above a pit of lava, in a small fleecy box. above the lava in the pit are valuable resources such as diamond and gold. Going lower into the hole brings the player to the black wool section of the dungeon. This section is a cavern full of valuable resources and hostile spawners. The black wool is located in here. The Fleecy box has lava inside, so going into the fleecy box is discouraged.

Points of Interest


  • Red Wool
  • Black Wool


  • Coal
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Lapis


  • Lava
  • Ghasts Spawners
  • Zombie Spawners
  • Blaze Spawners
  • Skeleton Spawners
  • Creeper Spawners
  • Silverfish Spawners


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