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Ribbons of Pain

Ribbons of Pain is the White Wool Dungeon of Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


Ribbons of Pain is a number of floating paths made out of either Netherack or clay. The area is very similar to Floating Shards from Legendary, similarities including the floating pathways that hang over the void. Across the Ribbons are small fortresses made of mossy cobblestone. These contain one zombie spawner each and mob-controlled dispensers. These can therefore be used as a source of arrows, and just one fortress has more than enough arrows to last the entire map. There is also an island made almost entirely of cobblestone slabs (likely intended to troll the player, though there are some full cobblestone blocks) containing a small house, complete with a silverfish spawner.

Points of Interest


  • White Wool


  • Stone Tools and Food - Low chests scattered around the area
  • 12 stacks of arrows for every fortress
  • A chest containing an iron sword, bow, cooked porkchop and a full stack of torches and arrows (effectively a Combat Supplies - Low without the leather) on the house
  • Flint and Steel x10 scattered around the area


  • Zombie Spawner controlling dispensers on the fortresses.
  • A lot of the area is set on fire
  • Ghast Spawner near the house and around the Fleecy Box
  • Fun Box on top of the Fleecy Box


Construct a bridge of netherrack to reach the dungeon and break all spawners.

Leads to...

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