Salire Castle
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Giant Dumb Blast Zisteau Cavern


Wilhelm Cliffs

Salire Castle is the Cyan Wool Dungeon in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


This dungeon is a large cavern with a tower in the centre. Outside the tower are potion spawners for speed and a high level of Jump Boost. There are two separate dungeons which hold above average loot which can be found in the walls of the cavern. Inside the tower, players need to use their Jump Boost in a parkour sequence to climb the tower (Or use ladders). After this, they cross a bridge to the castle, entering another, shorter parkor sequence. After this is a storage room, filled with random loot chests and in the next room is the Fleecy Mob boss. The Fleecy Mob wears a Thorns X Cyan Wool and Protection III Iron Chestplate. It uses a Punch II Flame I Bow.

Points of Interest

Ep12 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Salire Castle - Boss Room)08:04

Ep12 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Salire Castle - Boss Room)

Vechs in Salire Castle


  • Cyan Wool


  • Zistonian Battlesign Level 4
  • Level 30 XP chests
  • Ragefell


  • Lava
  • Cyan Wool Fleecy Mob
  • The parkour sequence can kill the player if they miss and don't have feather falling IV boots.
  • Fun boxes in the separate dungeons
  • Pausian Poison Bomb Kit "Because he loves poison!"


Leads to...

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