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Sanctuary is the Brown Wool Dungeon of Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


Sanctuary is a dome in Winter Wonderhell made entirely out of glass, making it similar to a snow globe. As with most Brown Wool dungeons, this is intended to be a joke and extremely easy, especially compared to the rest of the map. In the middle is a patch of grass with flowers, and a 6x2x3 block of wood. Outside are 2 block high pillars of snow, which are intended to be used to create snow golems with the pumpkins provided in a chest. The entire area is lit up by glowstone, so mobs are not a problem.

Points of Interest


  • Brown Wool


  • 12 Wood logs.
  • Grass


  • A chest containing 64 pumpkins, to be used to make snow golems out of the snow pillars outside.


  • As this dungeon is very easy, simply walking in and walking through the door into the fleecy box will get players the brown wool.

Leads to...

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