Sea of Flame

Map Type

Open World

Respawn Rules



Not Rated




Beta 1.7.3


Sea of Flame is the very first map in Vechs's Super Hostile CTM map series. It has since been remade as Sea of Flame II to more closely resemble the later maps in the series.


Being the very first map in the series, Sea of Flame bears little resemblance to later maps - the very first version of the map had no actual goals aside from survival, and it wasn't until a later update that a Victory Monument was added along with wool chests with which to decorate it.


  • To be documented


  • To be documented


  • One of Zisteau's first YouTube Let's Plays was of this very map (specifically, the pre-VM version). He only managed 6 episodes, however, before he suffered a hard disk failure and lost all of his progress. Later, during his single-player survival series, he revisited the map and conquered it.
  • Even in the final version of this map, many of the scattered bonus chests still contain stacks of colored wool from before the Victory Monument was added.

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