Shrines are small altars found in various places on Super Hostile Online which grant temporary buffs to those who use them, usually in exchange for their hunger bar draining at a faster rate. There is currently one shrine in the game.

Current Shrines

These shrines appear in the current iteration of SHO.

Shrine of Agapantha

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The Shrine of Agapantha

Located on the main island in Eastern Commons atop a mountain peak, this Shrine is a giant dragon skull surrounded by other fossilized remains. Agapantha's bones seem to bring strength to those that visit her shrine. They offer one hour of Strength at the cost of the players' hunger bar being drained for twenty minutes. At night, Revenants of Agapantha will spawn, which are essentially just Strays. Additionally, Bone Grunts will spawn, which are skeletons equipped with a Sharpness I bone that they rarely drop.

Removed Shrines

These shrines used to exist in SHO but have been removed from the game.

The Lonely Shrine

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The Lonely Shrine

Located on the same island as the warp to The Fallen Past, the Lonely Shrine was a modest alter found in a small clearing on the side of the mountain opposite of the warp. It offered one hour of Resistance in exchange for the player's hunger bar being drained for about a minute and a half. If the player were to die before the effect ran out, it would be removed. Resting at the Inn did not remove this effect.

Altar of Doom

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This shrine was found at the bottom of the Grand Cenote. Unlike the previous two, this one imbued no positive effects. Rather, it would warp the player to Valgarde City, remove all items from their inventory, and blight them with Blindness, Poison and Hunger for one minute.