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Shut. Up. Spiders! Augh! is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The entrance to this dungeon is a dormitory with eight different doors leading to separate rooms. The dormitory is lit and safe and contains furniture like beds, paintings and bookshelves. One of the rooms is dark, has no furniture, and contains a hole leading to an underground cave.

The cave is quite wide, but with a very low ceiling. The cavern also has an irregular floor and ceiling, making it difficult to traverse without jumping. There are also no lights or any indications as to where to go, making it easy to get lost here.

The top "floor" of the cave contains two sets of 4 spider spawners surrounded by floating gravel - improperly placed torches will cause the gravel to fall, covering the spawners and making them more difficult to locate and destroy. The passage to the second floor is in a wall to the right from the far spawner cluster.

The next floor lacks those gravel structures, but contains 12 spider spawners in the ground (3 rows of 4 spawners each). The spawners are often one block apart and to the sides from each other but some of them are hidden under the stone. There is a double drop at the end of this floor.

The next floor contains three of the gravel/spawner structures near the entrance and one more after a wall with holes in it further in. Cave spider spawners can be found both in the structure after the wall and buried high in the walls.

There is another double of gravel/spawner structures immediately after a drop to the next and final floor, spawning a mixture of normal spider and cave spiders, with an additional two cave spider spawns in the walls near the ceilling.

Finally, there are three more of those structures right in front of the fleecy box, two of them floating in mid-air, making them even harder to deal with.

Points of Interest


  • The blue wool
  • In the left one of the two furthest rooms in the dormitory, there is a chest containing three "13" music discs and two "cat" music discs.
  • In the room opposite to that one, there is a chest containing a stack of each rails, detector rails, powered rails, wood stairs, glass blocks, bookshelves, gravel, sand, sandstone block, cobwebs, redstone torches, paintings, pistons and sticky pistons.
  • Enchanted Leather Armor chest before the final floor of the cave.
  • Death Sentence, behind the one of the gravel/spawner structures.


  • Total of 48 normal spider spawners and 6 cave spider spawners. Refer to the overview of this area for locations of them.
  • Shape of the cave makes it harder to traverse.
  • Spawners are mostly inside gravel structers which will fall and make acess to spawners harder.
  • Some spawners also float in the air which makes them easier to spot but harder to destroy. 


  • Bring a sword enchanted with Bane of Arthropods.
  • Use TNT to destroy the gravel/spawner structures easily.
  • Wear armor (preferably Iron) with high level Protection enchantments to reduce poison damage, as well as Regeneration potions just in case.
  • Take a shovel with a high level Efficiency enchantment to instantly dig through the gravel - Grit-tooth, The Earth Mover is ideal for this, and it can be found in the Halls of Flame South.
  • You can flatten the floor to make traveling easier. This is an especially good idea on the second floor as it will expose spawners.
  • It's better to locate and eliminate cave spider spawners in the walls before going to the last floor. One is above the chest with armor and another is above the gravel/spawner structure.
  • The last three sets of spawners should be destroyed beginning from the left (the left one is in the floor, the middle is a bit above the floor and the right one is close to the ceilling).

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  • The name of the dungeon is a reference to a quote from the second episode of Zisteau's Let's Play of the original, survival version of Sea of Flame.