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Sky High to Die!

Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands 09 Yes Aurey, I'm Here!27:27

Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands 09 Yes Aurey, I'm Here!

Vechs and Aureylian in Sky High to Die!

Sky High to Die is the Green Wool Dungeon in Sunburn Islands , a CTM map by Vechs.


Sky High to Die is a set of three islands suspended in the sky. These islands are made completely out of blocks of lapis lazuli, and are covered in ice. There are three types of spawners in this dungeon; Snow Golems on the aboveground of the islands, Skeleton Spawners in the ice and Ghast Spawners in the igloo. The first island is the largest of the three. It has two snow golem spawners, and a river splitting it in half. The river flows over the edge, creating a waterfall. This waterfall is the intended entrance to the dungeon. The second island lacks in notable features. The third and final island has an igloo. The igloo is completely filled up by ice blocks and contains the fleecy box, guarded by numerous special spawners. This dungeon can be easy during the day until the ghasts spawn, but even with the ghasts around, escaping is very easy.

Points of Interest


  • Green Wool


  • The Snow Golems can be used to farm snowballs for infinite blocks, but keep in mind that they have a very high regeneration and are therefore very hard to kill.


  • Double random loot chest on the roof of the igloo.


  • Skeleton spawners hidden under the ice.
  • 4 spawners inside the igloo: two Ghast, one Vexian Witch, and one Level 3 Zistykin.


  • It is possible to pillar up to the third island and finish the dungeon easily, but this requires going down to the ocean floor and pillaring up from there, so it could save a lot of time and effort to go up the normal way.
  • It would be a good idea to dig through the walls of the igloo from the back; it's quicker and safer.

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