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Skylight A

Skylight A is one of the starting areas players of Inferno Mines may choose. This skylight is labeled 'Wood' in the starting area.


After choosing Skylight A in the starting area, the players will be teleported to a round sandstone room with a glass roof exposing the sky. Players will land on a small sandstone island in the centre, with a bed, and have to do a small, minor parkour sequence to escape. The Flamebringer can be found near the lavafall at the back of the room.

Points of Interest



  • Bed


  • To leave the island, players must head to the south of it (F3) and do a minor parkour sequence.


Next to the Flame Bringer are several signs pointing directly at it, and at the exit are several more signs instructing the player to not forget to get it. This is in reference to Zisteau's Let's Play series, where he indeed forgot to get the Flame Bringer on his first attempt (and died as a result).

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