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The Soul Sand area of the map

The Soul Sand Area is the second major section of the map Black Desert II, a Hunter CTM map by Vechs.


As the name suggests, this area's surface is made up of a mixture of regular sand and soul sand. Other than that, this area is more or less the same as any other part of the map. It is made up of large plateau-like islands surrounded by a lava sea, and has pools of lava and cactus as well as Sorean Sign-Off Shelters. It has two Fleecy Mobs as well as a cavern with Ghasts that drop gold blocks for the monument.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument


  • Vast amounts of sand, soul sand, cactus, lava, stone and glowstone
  • Various ores


  • Fleecy Mobs
  • Gold Block Ghasts
  • General Mob spawns
  • Cactus
  • Lava
  • Soul sand can slow down the player


  • A stone pick can finally be made by using the gold dropped from the ghasts to make a golden pickaxe; Once the stone pick is made, the player can begin collecting all the stone, iron and even diamond they can find

Leads to...

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