Spider Ruins

Spider Ruins

Spider Ruins is the Magenta Wool dungeon in Black Desert, a CTM map by Vechs.


Spider Ruins is small ruined house made out of cobblestone filled with sand and a small set of tunnels beneth it. It is located close to the Eastern shore of The Desert. The duengon got it's name because of a huge number of spider spawners in it. The chest with the wool is right next to the drop to the tunnels beneth the house. Also there is an entrance to The Great Cave through these tunnels.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • Magenta Wool


  • Chest containing full set of iron armor, an iron sword, 2 breads and 8 torches in the house.
  • Another chest in the house containing 10 coal, 15 sticks, 43 sand, 8 flints, 4 breads, 4 coocked porkchop and a compass.
  • One more chest close to the wool chest with 16 coal, 16 sticks, 16 string, 21 sand, 5 cobblestone, a bread, a coocked porkchop and an iron helmet.


  • 13 spider spawners in the hole leading to the tunnels
  • 20 spider spawners in a small room with 1 block height hole in the wall which allow spiders to come out freely but makes it much harder to get inside
  • There is some sand in the ceilling of the tunnels which will bury player alive if it falls.
  • There is a lava pit on the way to The Great Cave
  • Stairs to the cave end with high drop and lead through a huge gravel stalctite. If gravel updates it will most likely bury the player alive and also it will cause a huge lag.


  • It's much easier to block the spawners than to destroy them.
  • Because of the age of the map there is a bug which makes almost whole tunnel area lit during the day altough it is completly underground which can allow player to avoid natural spawns.
  • There are safer ways to The Great Cave so player should just come here for the wool and loot.

Leads to...

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