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Starbright Cavern

Starbright Cavern is the Pink Wool dungeon in Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


Starbright Cavern is a medium sized cave made of sandstone. It has glowstone around the walls and ceiling, providing light.  At the back of the cavern is a lava stream, with a tree on the other side. Next to the lava is a thick pillar of sandstone and redstone ore with two Ghast spawners. At the top is a room with the wool chest. Above the chest there is a small room with 8 spawners and waterfall which makes mobs fall down right on the player's head. Behind the lava river there is a small hole in the ground with some water, clay, dirt, soulsand and red mushrooms.

Points of Interest


  • Pink Wool



  • Coal Ore
  • Redstone Ore
  • 2 Oak Trees
  • Red Mushrooms


  • 2 Ghast spawners below the wool chest
  • 4 skeleton and 4 creeper spawners in the room above the wool chest
  • Lava river behind the column in which the wool chest is
  • Close to the right wall there is a lava pit hidden by sand - if the sand updates player is most likely to fall and burn in the lava


  • Whole area should be quickly lighten up to avoid natural spawns.
  • Ender Pearl can be used to quickly get to and destroy the ghast spawners.
  • To reach the wool chest either use ladders or pillar up.
  • If you get the wool fast enough you can avoid any creeper and skeletons spawned or block the hole from which they can drop down.
  • It's safer to stay on the left side of the cave due to the lava pit on the right side. Ghast spawners will also activate faster if the player goes through the right side.
  • Water bucket can be used to eliminate threat of the lava river.

Leads to...


  • This dungeon is similar in name and appearance to Starlight Cavern from Kaizo Caverns.

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