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The Starting Area

The Starting Area is where the player first spawns when playing Canopy Carnage, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Starting area consists of two platforms. The first is made of netherrack, glass and glowstone, and has a broken Nether portal in the middle. The wooden platform beneath has two loot chests, and lots of signs informing the player of the rules of the map and suggestions for graphics settings. The area itself is high up in the trees, and once the player descends, it's unlikely they will return.

Points of Interest


  • A chest containing a pair of diamond leggings
  • A chest containing 6 stacks of arrows, 4 saddles, 2 music disks, 6 cookies, 2 mushroom stew, 2 iron axes, 2 Golden Apples, 20 torches, a compass and a watch


  • Gather some wood to make a boat so that you can quickly find and relocate to the Victory Monument
  • Look for the safe fall in the water down below
  • It is suggested to play with fast graphics, and possibly a lower render distance

Leads to...

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