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Starting Island

Starting Island is the first area of Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


Starting Island is a small island compared to the rest of the map. Unlike most starting areas, this one does not contain a lot of resources. Players start of in a wooden shack, which they can either use as a base or harvest the wood. This shack will not be around for long, however. At the top of the map is a hole in the ceiling, and lava is slowly going to be making its way down and pour onto the shack. The shack shows the rules for the map and provides a "supplies" chest containing a pair of leather "manpance" as well as 1,664 buckets, arranged in stacks of 64 (which cannot be restacked once separated). The Victory Monument is on a Glowstone island not far away from the shack.

Points of Interest


  • Victory Monument


  • The shack is made of wood.
  • Glowstone near the monument
  • Redstone ore


  • Leather pants as well as stacks of buckets
  • 10 Flint and Steels.
  • Stone Tools and Food - Low
  • Hillian Monument Supply Chest: Contains blocks and torches, helpful starting items.


  • Ghast spawner right outside the shack.
  • Another spawner near the Eternal Tears
  • Lava will eventually pour down onto the shack, destroying it. This can be stopped by quickly gathering enough blocks to get up to the hole and plugging it up with Netherack.
  • The shack is trapped with TNT which will explode if you try to harvest too much of the floor.
  • Silverfish and cave spider spawners near the shack.


  • Go down the ladder in the shack and gather as much wood as possible, being careful to not set off the TNT trap. Craft a pick and collect some Netherack. Then pillar up to the ghast spawner and destroy it. Now pillar up to the hole in the roof and block it. Start digging into the walls and remove any TNT or silverfish spawners found. The shack is now "safe" to use as a temporary base, though preferably not for long due to risk of Ghast fireballs setting it on fire.

Leads to...


  • The massive number of buckets in the starting supply chest is Vechs's response to the way players abuse lava buckets in order to make his maps far easier than intended - in the post-game commentary episodes of Zisteau's Legendary series, Vechs explained that his sentiment was intended to be "here's your damn buckets, and I hope you choke on them". Despite this apparent generosity, however, these buckets are entirely worthless as the map contains no usable lava (and only a single water source block).

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