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The Starting Pen

The Starting Pen is the beginning area of Pigget Panic, a Hostile Trails CTM map by Vechs. It is where the player spawns, and the pigs needed for the Victory Pen are located here.


The Starting Pen is a dirt area with birch trees surrounded by large stone mountains. Near where the player spawns is a pen made of Nether fence with a spawning pad of grass that contains a pig spawner and many pigs, as well as some sheep. There is also a small wooden house that the player can use as a base, as well as many loot chests to get the player started. Not far off, there is also a Nether portal that leads to normal Nether.

Points of Interest

Victory Pen

  • Infinite Pigs



  • Vast amounts of stone and dirt
  • Birch trees
  • Seeds
  • Enchanting Table and Brewing Stand in the wooden house


  • Natural spawns at night

Leads to...

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