Starting Shelter

Starting Shelter

Starting Shelter is the spawn area in the Black Desert, a CTM map by Vechs.


Starting Shelter is a small fortress made out of sand and TNT making it a dangerous place to spawn. There are signs with rules inside as well as some starting equipment.

Points of Interest


  • A chest with 11 breads, 6 apples, 2 golden apples, 4 coocked porkchop, 2 mushroom stews and 2 cakes.
  • Another chest containing 3 beds, 40 torches, stack of sand and 12 diamond shovels.
  • Zistonian Supply Crate which contains leather pants, a stick and a sign.


  • Altough in beta versions of minecraft you couldn't do that, you can harvest TNT from your shelter.


  • Fun boxes one to the north and one to the south right next to the shelter
  • If creeper blows up near the TNT whole place will explode 


TNT and fun boxes should be removed as soon as possible (you can get pickaxe from nearby chest in The Desert to destroy fun boxes). After that light up nearby terrain so that the shelter is safe to use.

Leads to...


There are signs telling the player that he can use tools to fight and which tool deals more damage and another sign telling : "But you know he will still probably use a sign to fight" which probably is a reference to Zisteau: a Youtube let's player famous for improvising a sign from Kaizo Caverns for a weapon and tool.

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