Sunburn Islands
Sunburn Islands
Sunburn Islands

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Oh man, things have been rough for awhile. Are you tired of dying every 5 seconds? Do feel like you need a vacation? Do you need your hot heart chilled with a cool island song? Oh no wait, I mean... cool heart warmed with a hot island song? Or was it... Bah, whatever.


Sunburn Islands is the ninth installment of the Super Hostile series, a CTM map series by Vechs. It is intended to be an easier, more relaxing map following the intense difficulty of Legendary and Nightmare Realm.


Sunburn Islands takes place in a vast, nameless ocean. Players will spawn on a small, sandy island next to similar, larger islands. The only vegetation on these islands are the palm trees made out of fence. Players are not restricted to just these islands however: they are free to explore the sea in search of more islands, where more wool awaits. This map in particular has vast amounts of potions and other loot, and even has a pre-fabricated storage room near the monument that the player can use as their base.


Sunburn Islands Map.

Sunburn Islands Map

Note: The names of these areas are conjectural


  • Sunburn Islands
  • Easy Newbie Dungeon
  • Haunted Mines
  • Deep Trouble
  • Hidden Leaf
  • Hidden Sand
  • Mist Could Pass
  • Those in Glass Houses
  • Frozen Tropics
  • Deepwater Skyline
  • Ssssssphinx
  • Ghost Fleet
  • You're on a Boat
  • Lucky Break
  • Sky High to Die!
  • Dismal Deep Darkness
  • Netherstorm Citadel


  • This map has numerous chests hidden on the ocean floor which can be easily accessed if the player uses a door to create an air pocket under the water. It may also be a good idea to bring a spare boat in case you lose track of the one you sailed out with. Be prepared to make multiple trips if you want to really stock up on loot.