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Super Happy Awesome Box of Fun

Super Happy Awesome Box of Fun is the Cyan Wool dungeon of Legendary , a CTM map by Vechs.


Super Happy Awesome Box of Fun is a large bedrock box (that resembles Dance above the flames) with multiple narrow bridges above a sea of lava. The bridges have spider spawners and skeleton spawners, which try to shoot or hit the player into lava. There are two layers of bridges: The bottom one has spiders, the top one has skeletons.

Points of Interest


  • Cyan Wool


  • Supplies (A stick)


  • A sea of lava
  • Narrow bridges
  • Spider Spawners
  • Skeleton Spawners (they mostly spawn Wither Skeletons in 1.4.2 and later because it's in the Nether)


  • Firstly, the player should focus on covering up the lava to make the bridges safer. They should also remove any spawners when they reach them. After it's safe, they should then pillar up to the top layer and head for the fleecy box.
  • Alternatively, it's possible to create a small covered shaft upwards immediately at the entrance, and then systematically moving forward while removing the spawners and blocking off the mob spawns coming from the side.

Leads to...