Have you ever been playing Minecraft and said to yourself "Man, I wish this could be harder... I haven't died nearly enough today."? In the spirit of I Wanna Be the Guy and Kaizo Mario World, these game maps will be very difficult. It could be low amounts of a critical resource, or deviously placed monster spawners, traps, or just general meanness on my part, I want to take the normal Minecraft experience and really put pressure on the player.


Super Hostile Logo

Logo of the 'Super Hostile' series


An area from a Super Hostile map, Legendary

Super Hostile is a collection of CTM Maps made by Vechs. They all feature a set themed area containing difficult dungeons which hold 16 colored wool. The maps are won by completing the Victory Monument, a monument where you have to place all 16 wool and the 3 mineral blocks (iron, gold and diamond) on it. In Early 2016, Vechs created Super Hostile Online, a massive multiplayer server that regularly features new dungeons and a dynamic environment.


Super Hostile is currently a collection of 10 maps where the goal in each of them is to complete the Victory Monument by collecting all the colored wool and mineral blocks. In the map Waking Up, a Redstone Block is also required, and in Inferno Mines there is an optional "Hunter" monument for heads dropped from boss mobs.



Sea of Flame II is a remake of the first Super Hostile map

2013-11-26 21.35.01

The Victory Monument from Kaizo Caverns

Vechs created his first map, Sea of Flame, on March 4th, 2011, as a survival map that was supposed to challenge the player. The next two maps followed this criteria. It wasn't until The Kaizo Caverns that Vechs implemented the Victory Monument concept, creating the Capture the Monument genre. He then subsequently updated his previous maps to fit this new style. After the Minecraft 1.0 update, he updated his older maps again to accommodate the addition of enchanting and brewing, and made Spellbound Caves to be centered around the new changes. Around the time of the 1.4 update, Vechs began to use custom mobs, and updated Sunburn Islands with mobs such as Boomers, Wraiths and Chars. Inferno Mines saw the debut of Vechs using Command Blocks in his maps, as well as many new custom Fleecy Mobs, which had previously only been tested in the scrapped Black Desert II. His most recent map, Waking Up, is unique in that the player can collect books as an optional side mission. When read together, the books tell a short story. The map is also claimed to be the hardest map yet by Vechs himself.


Vechs has stated his intent to continue the Super Hostile series after the Minecraft 1.9 update, which will overhaul the combat mechanics of the game. He has also stated that the next map may use his "Shielded Ultra Hardcore" mechanic, where the player has no natural regeneration and two Absorption hearts that replenish every 20 seconds. Boreal Islands is the working title of this new map, though Vechs has stated that he's still unsure what direction he will take with the theme of the map.

Super Hostile Online

Super Hostile Online is a massive multiplayer server that Vechs created as a reward for those who pledged five USD or more on his Patreon. SHO is currently in its Beta phase after being relaunched on December 27th of 2016. A few months before SHO Beta launched, Vechs opened a vanilla Minecraft server to act as a companion to SHO, called Vechsilla.


Currently, there have been 13 maps in the series, including scrapped ones (Not counting sequels, as they are considered to be replacements for the outdated maps).

  1. Sea of Flame / II
  2. Endless Deep (Moved to Mini Hostile)
  3. Infernal Sky / II
  4. The Kaizo Caverns
  5. The Black Desert / II (Removed)
  6. Canopy Carnage (Removed)
  7. Legendary
  8. Nightmare Realm
  9. Sunburn Islands
  10. Spellbound Caves
  11. Lethamyr
  12. Inferno Mines
  13. Yet to be made (Possibly Boreal Islands)
  14. Waking Up

Other Series

Vechs has made many other maps inspired by Super Hostile that aren't a part of the main line up, though they all share the common goal of completing the monument. Some may be considered a sub-series of Super Hostile itself, while others may be looked at as a stand alone series of their own.

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