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Super Hostile Online is a MMO Minecraft server created by Vechs as thanks for reaching his $500 milestone on his Patreon. The server can be accessed as a reward for pledging $5 or more. It is currently a Minecraft server, but Vechs has stated that he will change it if the majority of players wish to do so.


Super Hostile Online features three major themed areas and thirteen dungeons for the player to explore and conquer. The player starts out in Valgarde City, which features shops and housing districts, as well as redemption centers for loot tokens awarded for defeating certain dungeons. New players will start out with a stone axe, stone sword, 192 golden nuggets, and 64 bread. Valgarde City is Adventure Mode only, so no blocks can be placed or broken here except inside houses.

Eastern Commons is the main survival area of SHO, where players can farm for basic resources and find the warps to the dungeons. Additionally, the players can find dojos which contain valuable items. Other small features such as minor cosmetic look-out points and esoteric Easter eggs can be found as well. All mobs only come from spawners -- this is an intentional change, as Vechs stated his dislike of Enderman spawns which was a primary reason for the disabling of natural spawns. Like Valgarde, this is an Adventure Mode only area.

Western Uncommons is the only Survival Mode area in SHO, and has been described by Vechs as being a "peaceful building area". This area is not meant for fighting or exploring, but rather for community or creative builds. Despite the area being in survival mode, no mobs will spawn here aside from Ghostly Fishermen near the fishing hole.


Dungeons are the main way for players to progress in SHO. Most dungeons are divided into sets of three, with each set carrying its own theme.

Wool Dungeons

Wool Dungeons are the main wool dungeons most may be familiar with from normal Super Hostile maps. These dungeons contain custom monsters most of the time, and each one contains a hidden dojo as well as a randomly respawning loot chest, both of which can grant powerful items. Wool Dungeons are required to be cleared in order for players to be able to progress further in their class helmets.

Paralogue Dungeons

Main Article: Paralogue Dungeons

Paralogue Dungeons are non-essential side missions that are not a part of the wool progression. These Dungeons offer the player additional perks and new enemies to fight, such as Witches. The only Paralogue Dungeon at the moment is Gravebound.

Player Classes

Main Article: Garden of Paths

Within Valgarde is the Garden of Paths, where players can select a Class to gain powerful upgrades. A Class can only be selected if the player has accrued the necessary amount of experience levels and necessary wool. The preliminary 'Novice' path has one tier, and is free for all players. The three main paths, Fighter, Defender and Scout, have ten tiers, and are accessible only to players level 10 and above. The two hybrid paths, Knight and Cleric, have five tiers. They start at rank 6 and therefore require level 60 and above. Additionally, all tiers of Fighter, Defender, and Scout above the first have a wool requirement in order to be obtained. Any advantage gained from this system is lost once the player dies.


Main Article: Dojos

Dojos can be found scattered about Eastern Commons in remote areas. They offer special items and building blocks for player housing, blocks unattainable through any other methods. In addition, each dojo also contains Bottles O' Enchanting and gold bars in order to help the players progress. Farming dojos is a common method amongst players to obtain money.


Main Article: Shrines

Shrines are small altars which grant temporary buffs in exchange for draining the hunger bar faster.


The economy of SHO is based around gold, which is primarily dropped from mobs and can also be found in the treasure from Dungeon Coins. Gold nuggets are denoted as 'g', gold bars as 'G' and gold blocks as 'GG', all of which can be used to make purchases. Smaller purchases such as shields usually require gold nuggets, while large transactions such as purchasing a house require gold blocks. Exact change must be used when making a purchase. For example, gold nuggets cannot be used for purchases requiring gold bars. Failure to use the proper change may result in the gold being taken and nothing being given in return. All purchases are non-refundable, so take care to use the proper currency.

Housing / Item Storage

Main Article: Player Housing / Item Storage

Super Hostile Online offers 3 ways in which players are able to store their items and/or have a build they can call home.

Trade Packs

Main Article: Trade Packs

Trade packs allow players to sell certain drops, such as bricks, wood, and excess potatoes and carrots in return for G. The first sell location is in the Red Sand Valley desert, but once the route is first run, there is a fast travel location guarded by Trade Pack Thieves which do a large amount of damage per hit. Completion of a Trade Pack Run gives the player and all players in the immediate area a long-duration buff. While you wear your Trade Pack it gives you a 30% speed reduction. Carrying those items is fairly heavy.

The Current Trade packs are: Food, Materials, Medicine, Armor, Weapons.

Ensure you take off your Chest Slot before manufacturing a trade pack. In addition, Trade Packs have the ability to eat Materials you wouldn't want. So be sure to Take out your valuables before you receive your trade pack. Ex: A Weapons Trade Pack requires an Iron Sword, it had the ability to use your Uncommon Sword instead of a normal Iron sword if in your inventory.


Vechs' Patreon Server was the earliest stage of Super Hostile Online. It was a full Survival mode world with an area known as 'Dungeon Island' located within it. Every week, Vechs would put a new dungeon in this area for players to test run. This world was deleted to make way for the proper launch of the first version of SHO.

Super Hostile Online opened in May of 2016, and essentially served as a live testing area for concepts developed by Vechs. This iteration is now considered the 'Alpha' release of SHO. This formative period allowed Vechs to make mistakes and learn what he wanted to implement and remove from the game. While housing and repeating command blocks were a problem, he learned that these issues could be solved through instanced housing and changing the players' game mode. It also allowed him to test other smaller ideas such as Aura Banners and Alchemy, neither of which made it to the current 'Beta' iteration. Additionally, he was able to iron out more technical aspects such as server hosting and forming a proper white listing system.

In November of 2016, SHO was closed so that Vechs could revamp it in its current, polished form. It was relaunched as SHO Beta on December 27th, 2016.

In May of 2017, Vechs announced that the Beta of Super Hostile Online will be completely overhauled so that Vechs can rework several gameplay mechanics and prepare for Minecraft 1.13. Vechs went on to explain that the loot tables had been re-balanced, natural spawns would be eliminated, new dungeon floors would be added and so would four new player classes.

On October 21st of 2017, Vechs took the servers down to release Super Hostile Online 3.0. The loot tables were re-balanced to favor the players more, granting the players more money and experience to make death not as punishing as it was in earlier versions.


There are only nine wool dungeons as of date, and the Vampire class only has one tier of hat as it stands. This possibly means in the future Super Hostile will receive further updates, allowing players to utilize further tiers of Vampire as well as access to all sixteen wool dungeons.


Wool Dungeons

Old Kingdom

Red Sand Valley



  • Store any valuable items you come across in the first few days of gameplay in an Ender Chest
  • Try to purchase a locker as soon as you can in order to increase your storage space; This acts as a good substitute until you can acquire an actual house.


  • The continuity of the original SHO is acknowledged and continued in the Beta relaunch, with the relaunch being explained as a malfunction of "The Core" (the devise Vechs Davion used to create the original Valgarde) and the old fishing village being referenced in a sign in the caldera beyond New East Watch.
  • In SHO 2.0 the dungeons were arranged differently than they are now. Starting with The Fallen Past which could be accessed from a cave that used to exist on the clay flats players were able to enter into the dungeons. These were usually numbered and in sets of three with each set having its own theme. The cave was removed in SHO 3.0.