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Swamp of Despair

Swamp of Despair is the Green Wool Dungeon of Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


Swamp of Despair is a small cavern made to resemble a swamp. This was made before the biome (swampland) was introduced to Minecraft. The dungeon contains a large amount of trees, and there are lakes surrounded by soul sand. The wool chest here is located inside a fleecy box beneath the surface, surrounded by Blaze spawners.

Points of Interest


  • Green Wool


  • A chest containing brewing supplies


  • 4 not hidden Blaze spawners guarding the Fleecy box and one more in the ceilling above it
  • Also one cave spider spawner in the ceilling above Fleecy box.
  • Fun boxes buried underground : 1 near the wall just a bit forward from the entrance, one near the left wall after few steps to the left from the entrance and one located close to the north-east corner of the Fleecy box.
  • 4 creeper spawners hidden underground in the sugar cane area (forward and a bit to the left from the entrance)


Leads to...


  • Unlike the rest of the map, this was the only area that received significant changes for modern versions of Minecraft, adding a brewing supply chest and Blaze/Cave Spider spawners. It is also the only area in which the wool chest is located inside a Fleecy box, likely in response to complaints (especially from Zisteau) about the wool being nearly impossible to find (as it was originally on top of a tree which was directly up against the ceiling).

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