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Tacos is the Purple Wool dungeon in Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


This dungeon, hence the name, is a giant taco. According to the signs at the beginning, the dirt is beef, lava is cheese, mossy cobblestone is lettuce, sandstone is the tortilla shell and spawners are peppers. The dungeon is small in size, but finding the wool can be difficult, as it is hidden under the mossy cobblestone.

Points of Interest


  • Purple Wool


  • Ghast Spawners on the walls
  • Spider Spawners
  • Skeleton Spawner (Wither Skeletons in 1.4+) inside sandstone boxes, both in the middle of the dungeon and in the walls


  • Player can climb either left or right wall and destroy ghast and skeleton spawners to reduce the number of hostile mobs but while doing so care should be taken to not get knocked down (especially into or close to the lava)
  • Wool chest can be spotted from the right wall and can be reached from there by either building a bridge (risky due to still possible normal skeleton spawns) or using an ender pearl

Leads to...

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