Doubt is the open gate through which slips the most fatal of enemies.
The Blackened Library
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Orange, Magenta




Cenote of the Apprentice


The Tenuous Crystals

The Blackened Library is the Orange and Magenta Wool dungeon in Spellbound Caves, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Blackened Library is a huge room with 4 giant bookshelves hanging from the ceiling. The room is made up of double stone slabs, which form bridges over the lava lake at the bottom of the room. Opposite the entrance is the main library, which is a smaller room with high rised bookshelves forming a maze. The orange wool is located at the bottom of the first room, in the lava and the Magenta Wool is located at the end of the maze in the main library.

Points of Interest


  • Orange Wool
  • Magenta Wool



  • 4 Skeleton spawners on top of the 4 bookcases in the first room and 3 hidden under the bookshelves of the second.
  • A single Blaze spawner hidden in the centre of the first room, below the second bridge.
  • Lava at the bottom of the first room - and there's a fleecy box in it.
  • A sticky piston trap next to the Magenta fleecy box which sends the victim down a long pit into lava.


  • Jumping to the orange wool is not advisable, but could work if jumped from the bridge of the lowest level. Using an ender pearl is also a safe method of entering it and escaping, though obtaining one at this point can be difficult. Gathering enough stone to mine down and bridge across is a safe method, being low enough not to trigger the Blaze spawner.
  • The building blocks can be helpful for entering and escaping the orange wool fleecy box.
  • If the player doesn't have blocks, the wool can be used to escape.
  • Getting an iron ingot from a zombie drop, or from the Tenuous Crystals, and some flint from the gravel, you can make the Magenta Wool very easy, and grabbing the loot from it also easy.

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