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The Caves of Madness

Caves of Madness is the Cyan Wool Dungeon of Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Caves of Madness is a cavern made entirely out of sandstone, similar to the majority of Legendary. The first part of the dungeon is similar to a natural cavern, without the normal resources such as iron or gold. The second part of the dungeon is a huge underground crater, the entrance being at the bottom. The hole goes all the way down to the void. There is coal and iron ore around the walls of the hole. At the top, there is a hidden room with a sign saying 'Its a secret to everybody' (Zelda reference) with what Vechs says is a bonus mini-game. It is, however, a trap which will send the players into the void right before it begins. Opposite this room is the entrance to Home the Swarm

Points of Interest


  • Cyan Wool


  • Coal ore
  • Iron ore


  • 2 chests containing an iron sword, a bow, a cooked porkchop and 64 torches and arrows.
  • Minecart (Part of a trap)
  • A stick on a platform above the hole.
  • 27 gold pickaxes on the same platform
  • A chest with blocks and rails on the same platform.


  • The glowstone on the first chest is a trap which sets off many TNT.
  • The 'minigame' at the top of the crater in which players supposedly collect as much loot as possible on a minecart is in fact a trap which sends the player into the void, but first Vechs catches them in cobwebs, with a sign telling them to get as much webs as they can.
  • The crater leads to the void, but falling and landing can still kill very easily due to the extreme height.
  • Fun Box with Silverfish spawners on top
  • Ghast spawners


Leads to...

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