The Colonnade

The Colonnade

The Colonnade is an area in Black Desert, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Colonnade is a vast underground area with giant obsidian pillars with glowstone in the center of each column. It is at Y=6, making it almost impossible to see due to the Void fog. The floor is also covered in lava, making the high amounts of mobs and low visibility even that much more dangerous, unless you are playing on 1.7 Beta in which case Void fog doesn't exist

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • Black Wool


  • Stone, dirt, sand and gravel
  • Obsidian
  • Lava
  • All ores


  • Dozens of fun boxes spread throughout the area
  • Lava


  • Bring a water bucket to turn the lava in to obsidian
  • Be prepared to make multiple runs, as the area is too vast and too densely populated with Fun Boxes to take on in one go
  • It may also be possible to light the area up by bridging from above and dropping lava down
  • The Fortress is located (when facing away from The Wall) to the right direction.

Leads to...

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