The Desert

The Desert

The Desert is the biggest area located on surface in Black Desert, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Desert is a large sand island surrounded by lava sea and covered by a shreded obsidian sky which makes almost whole location completly dark. Because of the darkness both colour of mushrooms grow freely all across the area. There is also plenty of cactus growing around. Sand often twists making arches which flows in the air (as you can see on the photo). Many Fun boxes and loot chests are spreaded all around the desert, making exploring it both risky and profitable.

Navigating around the desert

The best idea is to use Starting Shelter (which is located in the middle of the island) as a landmark.

  • To the North and a bit to the East there is a small trea and a chest containing orange wool behind it.
  • To the North-West is a large tree with TNT inside floating on the sand island. Behind it is the Fun box and chest with white wool.
  • Close to the West are 3 chests containing each of the stone tools and stone sword, 3 breads, mushroom stew, a cake , 2 coocked porkchops and a full set of iron armor. The chest with the tools and food is a trap tough. Opening the chest will cause the sand to fall, unveiling huge pit which leads to the lake in The Great Cave. Further to the West are more chests containing among others an iron sword and sapling. There is also a mountain with the creeper face in one side of it and another hidden pit below it. To the South from this mountain is another small tree surrounded by cactus.
  • There is nothing really interesting in all of these three directions : to the South, to the South-West and to the North-East. Desert will ocassionally lead there to the shore of the lava sea with some fun boxes and only few chests with some random crap on the way.
  • To the South-East is the entrance to the Underground Tunnels and one more small tree with TNT in it.
  • Close to the East is a cake which is in fact another hidden pit, this one combined with the TNT trap. This pit also leads to the lake in The Great Cave but there is also an entrance to the Victory Monument in the South-West corner of the pit. Further into the East Spider Ruins are located with one more small tree with TNT in it.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • White Wool
  • Orange Wool


  • Many chests with random items (these are just random items put manually by Vechs not the Random Loot Chests known from more modern maps) containing among the others full set of iron armor, every stone tool and sword with some food (more than one chest like this, known from other maps as Stone Tools and Food - Low chest), sapling and torches.


  • Whole desert is in fact one big farm of both type of mushrooms making mushroom stews a great food in this map.
  • 5 trees for wood and saplings
  • Each Fun box is encased in a stone shelter which can be harvested for cobblestone. Alternativly player can dig cobblestone from the shore of the island or from beneth the mountains.
  • Each tree grows on a dirt and there is more of it on the shore aswell.
  • Sand for TNT and sandstone
  • A lot of cactus which can be used for traps


  • There are many Fun boxes encased in stone all around the area
  • Hidden sand pit below mountain with creeper face is deep enough to kill the player but the two located close to the spawn leads to the lake which will safe player from getting damaged.
  • Sand arches flows in the air what means if the creeper blows near them they will collapse. The fall damage combined with the explosion will most likely kill the player.
  • Because of the obsidian sky travelling during the day makes little difference (Altough the sky can work differnetly than Vechs planned which will result in mobs randomly start to burn. It may be bug due to the old age of the map)
  • In some places cactus grows thick making it hard to travel without getting hit by it.


  • As soon as the player secures the spawn point he should collect some equipment from nearby chests and go for the tree and orange wool. Once the sapling and dirt are obtained, they should be brought back to the safe place to avoid ending up without any source of wood.
  • All mushrooms need to quickly multiple their numbers is a dark area and a lot of space. If you place them in a place where they can grow, you will have an unlimited amount of mushrooms and, thus, food, as long as you have wood to make bowls.
  • The chest with the white wool and the large tree should be approached from the northern slope to avoid getting knocked down by mobs from the fun box.
  • To avoid falling down into hidden sand pits, place a block near the chest you want to open and jump on it (or jump onto the chest) and then bridge out.
  • If you are afraid that you will run out of wood or stone, use diamond shovels from Starting Shelter to fight.

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