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The Desert

The Desert is the main area that Black Desert II takes place. It has no official name, and has eight of the sixteen Fleecy Mobs.


The Desert is made up of large plateau-like islands surrounded by a vast lava sea, with most of these islands being connected by moss stone bridges. Scattered about are Sorean Sign-Off Shelters, where the player can find refuge and orient themselves. Melons may be found close to spawn on the surface. Beneath the surface are endless caverns that hold enough glowstone to last the entire game, as well as stone and ores (though the latter two are virtually unobtainable unless one finds the Power Miner 1000.) Eight Fleecy Mobs are found in this area, as well as the Victory Monument. Fleecy Mob hunting grounds can easily be identified by the moss stone pillars that hold the mob spawner.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument



  • Vast amounts of sand, cactus, lava, stone and glowstone


  • Fleecy Mobs
  • General Mob Spawns


Leads to...

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