The Fortress

The Fortress

The Fortress is an area in Black Desert, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Fortress is an imposing citadel made of stone and obsidian, which is surrounded by a moat of lava. Its outer walls have two levels, with the lower levels and courtyard having entrances to the center structure. The center structure has many interlinked rooms inside of it, many containing loot chests and Fun Boxes. The layout of the Fortress is similar to that of Rageshadow Citadel in Sea of Flame II, though the level of difficulty is nowhere near the same due to this being a red wool dungeon.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • Blue Wool
  • Brown Wool
  • Red Wool


  • Random Loot Chests


  • Diamonds near the lava moat
  • Vast quantities of stone
  • Lava


  • Dozens of skeleton spawners on the upper level of the outer wall
  • Dozens of fun boxes all over the fortress
  • Ghast spawners on the roof


  • Diamond tools, weapons and armor and a good supply of food and torches is recommended, as the player will be facing endless hoards of mobs and will take lots of damage quickly
  • The red wool is in the center of the Fortress according to Vechs himself, who felt that the hint was necessary due to the difficulty of the dungeon
  • The walls of the castle are only one block thick and are made primarily of stone, making it very easy to tunnel through

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