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Big moist hole

The Grand Cenote is the tenth dungeon of Super Hostile Online, an MMO Minecraft server created by Vechs.


The Grand Cenote is the first dungeon in a set dedicated to Spellbound Caves, and is loosely based off of Cenote of the Apprentice. It is a tremendous sinkhole open to the sky, with strong, lush trees growing out of the walls on the inside and a shallow pool of water at the bottom. Along the inside walls are pathways leading upwards in a spiral. At the very top is the warp to the next dungeon, which is heavily guarded with skeleton spawners.

Points of Interest


  • Earn 5 Dungeon Coins
  • Gain Access to the Spellbound Caves housing district (presumably)
  • Gain Fighter, Defender and Scout I at the Garden of the Three Paths


  • Random Loot Chests


  • Skeleton Spawners
  • Skeletons in leather armor duel wielding wooden swords

Leads to...