The Great Cave

The Great Cave

The Great Cave is an area in Black Desert, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Great Cave is an enormous cavern that lies below The Desert. It can be accessed by a pitfall underneath a cake placed near spawn, or from the Spider Ruins. It is characterized by the large hills of gravel that line its floor, as well as the gravel stalactites that hang from the ceiling. The whole cave is split in half by a wide body of water, and also has a giant lava fall near the drop to get in. The floor of the cave is covered in ores and lava, and has loot chests scattered about the area.

Points of Interest


  • Grey Wool
  • Green Wool
  • Lime Wool


  • Random loot chests
  • Chests with diamond tools, weapons and armor


  • Vast amounts of stone and gravel
  • Dirt and sand
  • Water and lava
  • All ores


  • Numerous Fun Boxes spread throughout the area
  • Lava


  • The area contains iron and lava. Acquiring a lava bucket early on will make lighting up areas and killing mobs much easier.
  • The Grassy Intersection is close to the entry drop. The grass can be spread with the dirt found in the cave to make a passive mob farm, which will yield unlimited food.
  • The Grey wool is located in the corner of the area, buried under gravel.
  • The Lime wool is hidden near glowstone on one of the pillars near Grassy Intersection.
  • The Green wool is in a chest next to a small lava pit near the Crypt of the Forgotten Royals.

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