Hallowed overlook

The Hallowed Overlook

The Hallowed Overlook is an area in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Hallowed Overlook is a well-lit cavern intended as the player's base for the second half of the map. The area's main features are the farm, storage room, teleporters, and the Victory Monument and Hunter's Monument. The Victory Monument is made from obsidian and redstone, and the Hunter Monument is made using colors contasting the color of the skulls that are placed there. The player can optionally place eyes of ender into the Hunter Monument under where the heads are placed. The storage room features many chests of different categories to leave all the equipment found in the Inferno Mines. It also has two unmarked categories, which can be used for misc. items or any catgories the player chooses, such as enchanted books. It also features a trash bin, where useless items go. The farm is where players can produce renewable wheat, melons, pumpkins, trees and cacti. The pumpkins, with the iron from Lush Ruins, are a vague hint of using iron golems in the final dungeon. Finally is the teleporter room. This is where the player can reach seven areas very quickly: the three skylights and intersections, each being one-way and require going through the dungeons tor return here. The last teleporter goes to the Outer Inferno, where the last 5 dungeons are located. This teleporter, unlike the others, has another teleporter which returns the player to the Hallowed Overlook.

Points of Interest


  • Victory Monument
  • Hunter Monument


  • Storage Room
  • Farm

Leads to...

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