The Infested Lair was the second dungeon on Vechs' Patreon Server.

Events with CreeperHost have resulted in corruptions! Strange things have happened to the world. Minerals have shifted deep beneath the ground... Maybe arachnids like collecting shiny things? Who knows...




The dungeon is a large bedrock box on the outside with spiders decorating the walls. The inside consists of various cave like openings filled with cobweb and end stone with no clear path. Further into the dungeon Polished Granite and Vines are added to the mix. It is noted that there are no visible spawners anywhere in the dungeon. 


The dungeon has been discovered to contain various parts, such as "The Inner Lair" and "Dire Flamevemon Hive".

Vechs has stated that this is the first real "raid dungeon" he has made, and designed it with the intent that the players work together in a large group to beat it.


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