The Jungle

The Jungle is the main area that the map Canopy Carnage is set in. It is square in shape with a flat floor, and is surrounded by a shallow sea.


The Jungle is a vast land that has been uninhabited for an unknown amount of time. It is populated by gigantic trees that cast dark shadows all over the jungle floor, making mob spawns common even during the day. The floor of the jungle is littered with cactus, sugar cane, pumpkins and small shrubs, as well as the occasional patch of wheat.


The Jungle was discovered by a group of explorers who split in to three teams, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Bravo team went insane, and Alpha team's sole surviving member died after they evacuated to Dig Site #1. Charlie team also died when they ran out of supplies due to their supply ship sinking, leaving the mysteries of the island unsolved.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • Cyan Wool
  • Black Wool


  • Innumerable loot chests with all kinds of tools, weapons, armor, food and resources


  • Vast amounts of dirt and wood
  • Sand, stone and soul sand
  • Sugar cane, cactus, pumpkins and wheat
  • Some trees have iron ore and iron blocks in them


  • The dense canopy creates enough shadow for mobs to spawn even during the day
  • Occasional TNT traps
  • Cactus


  • The cyan wool can be found on the Jungle floor at 334, 58
  • The black wool is hidden on top of a tree at -162, 515
  • Using boats to travel the coastline will make travel go much quicker
  • Making maps may help with navigation

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