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The Lost Cavern

The Lost Cavern is an area in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Lost Cavern is a secret area hidden in Mellow Cavern. This place is the home of Kamyu the Hidden, a boss mob that is part of the Hunter's Monument. The entrance is found behind a sand wall in Mellow Cavern. When the player goes down a ladder into a stone brick room, silverfish come out of the bricks and send the player into a set of cobwebs above a lava pool, with ender pearls in chests. These can be used to teleport to the side of the cave that is lit up. The area mainly has coal ore, as well as eight iron ores. It also has multiple lava lakes. Kamyu is in a large cavern at the back, guarded by three ghast turrets and blaze/cave spider spawners in the walls.

Points of Interest


  • Head of Kamyu the Hidden


  • A hidden chest with a diamond sword, a very damaged anvil, and enchanted books of Smite V and Bane of Athropods V.
  • Three chests in the cobwebs with three ender pearls each.
  • Enchanted Iron Armor hidden above the battlefield.
  • Zistonian Battlesign Level 4 hidden above the battlefield.
  • Power Miner 4000 hidden above the battlefield.


  • Coal ore
  • Iron ore


  • Vexian Witches
  • Ghast Turrets
  • Blaze spawners
  • Cave Spider spawners
  • Kamyu the Hidden


Directly above Kamyu's lair is a faint light in the ceiling leading to 3 bonus loot chests (the armor, battlesign, and power miner mentioned above) surrounded by a large room filled with cave spider and blaze spawners. Attempting to clear the entire room is not recommended for the faint of heart (Zisteau managed it in his Let's Play series, though it took him several hours), but the loot itself can be collected from the relative safety of an enclosed ladder well once the player has gained access to potion brewing.

Leads to...

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