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The Ocean

The Ocean is an area in Sunburn Islands, a CTM map by Vechs. This is one of the largest areas in the Super Hostile series.


The ocean is a huge area consisting mainly of a 30 block deep sea of water. The entire map is based on this ocean, and there are many islands to be found, such as the Starting Islands or Sssphinx Island. Because of this, the ocean is considered the second half of the map, containing 9 wool, with a higher difficulty than the dungeons found on the Starting Islands. On the sea floor, players can also find Stone Tools and Food chests, ranging from Low to Medium.

Points of Interest



  • A boat is essential for navigating the area, swimming will take far too long.
  • A map is also helpful, as it can be used as a sea chart when it's fully zoomed out.

Leads to...



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