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The Outer Inferno

The Outer Inferno is an area in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Outer Inferno is a place outside the Great Inferno that Hane Corp never reached. The area is filled with ruined buildings from a lost civilization, which is slowly sinking into the lava. Dinnerbone the Destroyer is the only inhabitant remaining. The area is filled with many custom mobs, such as undead stacks, Vexian Witches and ghosts. The area features small pockets of iron ore in the floor and roof, which can be used as an alternative for the guarded iron blocks in Lush Ruins. This is where the final five dungeons of the map are located, but the only one that's in the main part of the Outer Inferno is Ember Castle. Many of the buildings here have random loot chests, containing better quality loot than that of the Inferno Mines.

Points of Interest



  • Iron Ore



Leads to...

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