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Shut. Up. Spiders! Augh!

The Rotten Caves is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area is in shape of an open cave with four columns, everything made mostly out of stone, though the ground is covered in soul sand and the occassional clay block, to give the cave a rotten feel. The further part of the cave is flooded with water. The player has to submerge into this water to get to the fleecy box, though there is a breathing spot on the way there.

The dungeon gets it's name from both the wet theme of water and soul sand, and the many zombie spawners in the dungeon.

Points of interest


  • The purple wool
  • There's a single vein of iron ore not far from the entrance.
  • There's also several coal ore veins spread throughout the cave.
  • There are many brown and red mushrooms in the cave.


There is a total of 21 zombie spawners in this dungeon:

  • The first 4 are burried under ground, before (and relatively close to) the first two pillars encountered.
  • There are 4 more after the first two pillars, after the drop from the platform.
  • There is a single spawner in the fourth closest pillar to the entrance, near the top, on the side opposite from entrance.
  • In the next pillar there is also one, again near the top, this time on the side facing the previous pillar.
  • Next three are in the furthest corner of the cave.
  • The final 8 spawners are down in the walls of the breathing spaces on the underwater way to the fleecy box.


  • Sword with the Smite enchant is the best weapon of choice in this place.
  • Respiration/Aqua Affinity helmet might become handy in the underwater tunnel.
  • To reach spawners in the pillars bring building blocks or ladders. A bow is also helpful if you want to kill zombies that are hanging at the of the pillar.
  • Strength potion can help to quickly remove big wave of zombies.
  • Night Vision potion is very useful for locating the spawners.
  • Altough there is not much of it it's much safer to dig iron here than in Rageshadow Depths.
  • Zombies can be thrown into the lake (which will greatly slow them) with any weapon with knockback (such as Zistonian Battlesign).

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