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The Rumbling Cavern

The Rumbling Cavern is the Pink and Gray Wool Dungeon in Spellbound Caves , a CTM map by Vechs.


The Rumbling Cavern is a huge, open cave full of large coal and iron deposits. There are stalactites hanging from the ceiling, which have TNT traps inside of them. This will cause them to fall if the player comes too close. At the bottom of the cave is a lava lake. Lava also comes down from the ceiling and into this lake. In the centre of the lake is a stone brick tower, with the gray wool outside of it. The pink wool is located in a wall opposite and to the left of the entrance.

Points of Interest


  • Pink Wool
  • Gray Wool



  • Large Coal deposits in the walls
  • Large Iron deposits in the walls and near the gray wool.


  • Blaze spawners near gray wool, hidden under iron ore.
  • The stalactites will fall due to a TNT trap using a proximity detector.
  • The gravel bridges may also fall, sending players to they're death by falling or in the lava.


Leads to...

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