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The Twisting Dark

The Twisting Dark is the Lime Wool area of Kaizo Caverns, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Twisting Dark is one of the cavern-based dungeons in the map. At first it is simply made up of stone and gravel, like most dungeons and areas in Kaizo Caverns. It will quickly branch off into two paths, as it will do many times, as this dungeon is a labyrinth. The lowest part of the dungeon is made up of sand, which contains the pink wool. The higher part can be accessed by swimming up a waterfall, which has a settlement blocked up by cobblestone. This place has the lime wool.

Points of Interest


  • Lime Wool
  • Pink Wool


  • 5 red mushrooms and 6 brown mushrooms next to the lime wool.
  • Lots of coal in the underground area next to the pink wool.


  • A Double Random Loot Chest, next to 2 zombie spawners.
  • Random loot chest in the encampment.
  • A chest containing 10 gravel, 4 coal, 4 cobblestone, 6 flint, 3 of each mushroom, 4 sticks, 20 leather, 6 sand, a bowl, TNT, cactus and a glowstone block.
  • A chest containing 32 arrows, a wooden sword and TNT.
  • A chest containing a full set of chain armor, two loaves of bread, wooden sword, wooden shovel, wooden pickaxe, wooden axe and 5 torches.


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    Signs found in settlement

    There are signs in the settlement detailing days spent by explorers of the caverns.


  • As soon as players enter the dungeon, they should take the first right, then swim up the waterfall into the settlement, making the wool very easy to get. Be careful of skeletons while climbing the waterfall.

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