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The Undersky

The Undersky is an area in Infernal Sky II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area of Undersky is in shape of a flat hollow disk made up of bedrock. It lies under the whole area of Classic Sky. The fact that it's made out of bedrock means several things. First, the player will not be able to mine through this area. Second, bedrock on low Y coordinate creates bedrock fog, which makes it hard to see. Lastly, the mobs are unable to naturally spawn on bedrock even in dark areas, which makes this one of the easier areas. The only danger in the area are two big and several smaller holes in the ground next to the fleecy box, leading to the void.

The only thing in this area other than the fleecy box is a nether portal, which leads to the next part of the map.

Points of Interest



  • There are holes in the ground in front of the fleecy box. Falling in them means instant death, as well as the loss of any equipment the player may have had on them.


  • The fleecy box can be reached by following the right wall.
  • The nether portal can be reached by going past the fleecy box, following the same wall.

Leads to

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