The Wall

The Wall

The Wall is an area in Black Desert, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Wall is a gigantic, moss stone wall that divides the underground portion of the map. On one side is The Great Cave, and on the other side is The Colonnade. It has an obsidian barrier in the middle, making it almost impossible to bypass. If one wishes to get past it, they must go over the top. It contains no wool or loot, and serves only as a very difficult and imposing obstacle to block the player's way to the Colonnade.

Points of Interest


  • Vast quantities of moss stone
  • Stone around the mob spawners
  • Obsidian


  • Dozens of small stone towers containing four zombie spawners and four skeleton spawners
  • Ghast spawners


  • Since the wall has no loot, it is not worth exploring. Instead, focus on a small area and create a safe passageway over the top to traverse between the Great Cave and the Colonnade in peace.
  • Since there are diamonds in the water right next to the wall, you can build a diamond pick and dig your way through the wall.

Leads to...

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