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Those in Glass Houses

Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands 07 Undah Da Sea33:03

Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands 07 Undah Da Sea

Vechs and Aureylian in Those in Glass Houses

Those in Glass Houses is the Pink wool dungeon in Sunburn Islands, a CTM map by Vechs.


Those in Glass Houses is made up of three glass houses located under the water. The entrance is found hidden on an island, but can be located and entered easily from the ocean. The first house has a large amount of bookshelves, with a little bit of wood. The second house has more wood, but less bookshelves, as well as a lot of loot chests. The final house has a very large amount of paintings. There are also trees in this house, as well as the wool. Random loot chests are found on the sea floor around the houses, separate from the Stone Tools and Food chests located all over the Ocean, and the loot turned out to be very good.

Points of Interest


  • Pink Wool


  • A chest in the first house containing 5 signs, 5 torches and 2 doors.
  • Two double chests in the second house containing minor items such as cookies, redstone, cobwebs, and the second half of the first one is random loot.
  • Two random loot chests in the second house.
  • A minor loot chest and a random loot chest in the third house.


  • Oak and birch trees in the third house.


  • Players have to enter the water to switch houses, which may result in drowning.
  • Creeper spawners in the last house (usually buried underground in one-block-deep holes.


  • A quick way through the dungeon is to take a sign and an ax with you and go around the houses straight to the last room.

Leads to...

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