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The Tiny Ruin

Tiny Ruin is the Light Gray wool dungeon of Canopy Carnage, a CTM map by Vechs. It has no hostilities of its own, and is actually exposed to sunlight through an opening in the dense canopy.


The Tiny Ruin is the smallest ruin in the map. It is made up of small moss stone pillars, with one having glowstone on top. Underneath is a small stone room with two chests, though there are no ladders to get up or down.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • Light Gray Wool


  • A chest containing a gold sword, gold leggings and gold boots


  • The dungeon has no hostilities, so simply drop in, take the wool and loot and pillar your way out
  • The gold items have infinite durability, so try not to lose them

Leads to...

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