Underground Tunnels

Underground Tunnels

Underground Tunnels is Light Blue dungeon in Black Desert, a CTM map by Vechs


As the name suggests this location is a small set of 3 block wide and height underground tunnels made mostly out of stone and dirt and some sand and gravel. There are only two floors of the tunnels. Entrance to this location is located near the South-East corner of The Desert. The chest with the wool is just few steps to the south after the player enters the location.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • Light Blue Wool


  • Chest containing two sets of every stone tool and sword, 2 mushroom stews, a cake, a golden apple and 30 wheat.
  • Another chest containing 6 stone pickaxes and shovels, 4 stone swords and axes, 2 stone hoes, 4 cakes and 60 wheat.


  • There is a single Fun box on the lower floor of the tunnels
  • Some parts of the tunnels have sand or gravel in the ceilling which can fall down and bury the player


  • You can block the path for the mobs from the Fun box to avoid fighting with them
  • If you don't block the mobs you should destroy or light the spawners as soon as possible
  • It's good to visit this location in the earlier part of gameplay on the map as it gives you plenty of tools for a good start.

Leads to...

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