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University of Arcane Enchants

University of Arcane Enchants is the Light Gray and Cyan Wool Dungeon of Spellbound Caves, a CTM map by Vechs.


University of Arcane Enchants is a stone brick structure in a large cave. This structure used to be a university. The rooms in the main building include the cafeteria, several bedrooms, potion labs, enchanting rooms and the Arch Mage's office. There is also another part of this dungeon which is located in the Nether. This can be accessed by using the Nether Portal outside. This dungeon has a Nether Outpost as well as a Nether Fortress. This Fortress is different to normal ones. The majority of this dungeon is just climbing stairs and going through hallways, and doesn't feature as many points of interest.

Points of Interest


  • Light Gray Wool
  • Cyan Wool


  • A chest in the cafe containing 3 stacks of wheat, 6 stacks of eggs, one cake, 2 stacks of cookies, half a stack of cooked fish and 5 melon blocks.
  • A chest in the Alchemy Lab containing 6 gunpowder, 6 ghast tears, 64 redstone, 3 blaze rods, 63 glowstone dust, 59 sugar, 21 sugar cane and 63 nether wart.
  • A chest in the alchemy lab containing 5 water bottles and 25 empty bottles
  • A chest containing books, paper, nether wart and various potions.
  • Chests in the Enchanting Lab containing books, paper and various enchanted gear.
  • The bedrooms have ender pearls, paper, torches, a blaze rod and wood.
  • A Knockback V Unbreaking V bow among other loot in the Arch Mage's office.
  • A Diamond Sword near the Light Gray Wool
  • Railway Kit


  • Nether Wart


  • Ghast Spawners guarding the portal
  • Blaze Spawners and Skeleton Spawners all over the university.
  • Creeper Spawners


Leads to...

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