Upper Deathshallow Ruins

Upper Deathshallow Ruins is the Brown Wool dungeon on Waking Up, a CTM map by Vechs.


Upper Deathshallow Ruins is made up of a large chamber with vines on the walls and water at the bottom. A somewhat broken bridge connects one side of the room to the other. If one is only going for the wool, the only hostilities are natural spawns; however, it should be noted that Death Sentence can be acquired in this area, but is guarded by a group of skeleton spawners. A railway connecting Intersection 04 to the Cavern of Peace can also be accessed using this area.

Points of Interest


  • Brown Wool
  • Chapter 18



  • Skeleton spawners guarding Death Sentence
  • A creeper spawner guarding the path to the railway
  • A cave spider spawner guarding the path to the railway
  • Large amounts of natural spawns


  • Climbing the vines on the sides of the central chamber is a good way to access side rooms as well as the major rooms of the dungeon.

Leads to...

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