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Upper Mines

Upper Mines is an area in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Upper Mines is the first main area of the map, and is used as an intersection for the three Skylight areas, the white wool dungeon and Intersection 1. The Upper Mines features a stone brick path which leads players to each of the skylights and intersection, but the white wool dungeon doesn't have a path. Lava flows down into the Mines from the lava ocean above. The place is decently lit, and there are honey pots in the walls to reduce natural spawns.

Points of Interest


  • Trapped Chest with an iron sword, bow, 11 arrows, 64 fence and torches, 2 chests, a bed and a crafting table.
  • Sweet Lemonade, hidden near the trapped chest.


  • There is a cake outside the Abandoned Dormitory in tribute to the Beta Testers who dealt with the dungeon when it was extremely difficult.

Leads to...

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