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The gates of Valgarde City

Valgarde City is the spawn town of Super Hostile Online, a MMO Minecraft server created by Vechs. PVP is not enabled here, and due to it being created in the "Void" biome, hostile mobs will not spawn here regardless of light level.


Valgarde City is the starting area of SHO. All players will be teleported here after joining the server for the first time and will respawn here upon death. The city rests on a green island and is surrounded by enormous stone walls. Several shops that sell basic necessities such as food, weapons, leather and home supplies such as chests and jukeboxes can be found here. It also has warps to all of the player housing areas and leads to Western Uncommons and Eastern Commons. This area is an Adventure Mode only area.

Points of Interest

  • Block Shop
  • Leather Shop
  • Weapon Smith
  • General Store
  • A Cut Above
  • The Golden Grub Pub
  • Valgarde Inn
  • Square One Training Dojo
  • Bank
  • Garden of Paths

Leads to...