Vault of Relics




Cathedral of the Suidae


Shut. Up. Spiders! Augh!


Dance Above the Flame

Vault of Relics is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The entrance in form of three piston doors leads to a hallway consisting of lapis lazuli blocks and glowstone. The hallways is also filled with doublechests, each containing leather pants and signs arranged into the letter 'Z'. The fleecy box is just past this hallway. The whole dungeon is safely lit to prevent any natural mob spawns.

As it usually is with the location of the brown wool, it's a joke area. The joke is that there is actually no wool in the fleecy box, just a single stick. Instead, the player has to search the many doublechests in the hallway to find it.

Points of interest


  • A stick The brown wool
  • Lifetime supply of leather pants and signs in the double chests in the hallway.
  • There is a chest containing Zistonian Battlesign - level 3 next to the fleecy box.


Wool is inside 3rd chest from fleecy box, upper row, right site. 

Leads to


  • The 'Z', leather pants and signs are all a reference to Zisteau, a YouTube let's player.

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